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How to Pass the Christie Resolution

The Christie Resolution has been mailed to every local in the UBC. Your Executive Board may be censoring correspondences before you have a chance to hear them.

Ask the President of your local, if they have received an official correspondence from L.U.34. If they have, ask that it be read. If they do not have it, but say they received it, take your copy and ask that it be read. If that is not done read it yourself under good of the order and prepare the local for a resolution accepting it under new business. Always prepare for the unexpected. If the chair rules you out of order, challenge the chair. That will give you the opportunity to speak about why you believe that the local should hear Christie. 

Above all, never give up

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Christie Resolution - As amended by local 34


WHEREAS this country was founded on mans inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and 

WHEREAS the issue of taxation without representation was the corner stone of our countries beginnings and 

WHEREAS this country continued and became great with a government of the people by the people and for the people and 

WHEREAS our great Union for the first one hundred and fifteen years of existence followed the same path of democracy and 

WHEREAS the UBC’s proud history was written by leadership voted on, answerable to, and held accountable by the membership directly and 

WHEREAS the UBC grew strong and prospered based on the shared wisdom of no single person or committee, but of all the members who voted on their officers, by-laws, dues, expenditure of funds, collective bargaining agreements and all other issues affecting their union, their funds and their livelihood and 

WHEREAS the Platform of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of North America calls for the "Adoption of legislation requiring the election of all public officials by direct election of the membership". 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Union be returned to the rank and file membership who are its rightful stewards and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Constitution of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America under General Officers and Elections - Section 9 (b) be amended as follows: 

B The General Officers shall be elected, by referendum vote of all the members who are eligible to vote in accordance with the Constitution & Laws of the UBC. The nominations shall be made on the third day of the first week of the Convention, and the election shall take place within ninety days of the Convention by mail ballot in accordance with, and under the supervision of the standards set forth by the Department of Labor. 

C The General Executive Board members shall be elected by referendum vote of all the members who are eligible to vote in accordance with the Constitution & Laws of the UBC and reside within the District as set forth in the Constitution & Laws. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Constitution of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America, under Jurisdiction and Powers of District Councils - Section 26 (j) be amended as follows: 

J The membership of any subordinate body Local Unions, District Councils, Regional Councils and State or Provincial Councils shall elect their officers and full time representatives in a manner to be to be determined by them and in accordance with any applicable state, provincial or national laws. 

The adoption of this resolution and the restoration of the member's "inalienable rights will also restore the PRIDE, SPIRIT, DEDICATION and PARTICIPATION in and to THEIR UNION!


  1. Piledrivers Local Union 34 passed a slightly amended version of Christie's Resolution
  2. Local 218 in Boston (Metro-North) unanimously voted to approve the Christie Resolution
  3. Local 33 Boston passed the Christie resolution
  4. Local Union 926 Brooklyn NY of the NYDCC passed the Christie Resolution
  5. New England Floor Coverers L.U.2168 endorses Christie Resolution: Unanimous 193/0
  6. By a unanimous vote, Local 22 passed the Christie Resolution
  7. Local 63, Bloomington, Illinois, has voted to support the Christie Resolution.
  8. Atlanta LU#225 passed all three parts of the Christie Resolution at last months meeting!
  9. Local 247, Portland, Or. passed the Christie resolution without a single dissenting vote.
  10. Local 713, Hayward, California, 3000 members strong, passed the Christie resolution
  11. Local 1026 (Miami) voted on the Resolution. It was passed 41 yes 2 no.
  12. Carpenters Union 44 in Champaign Ill. passed all three parts of the Christie Resolution
  13. Local 131 voted to send as an amendment to Convention, 34's version of Christie.
  14. L.A. Pile Drivers Local 2375 unanimously passed the Christie Resolution.
  15. Janesville Wisc. Local 836 passed the Christie unanimously, including contract ratification!
  16. On the first Monday of June Local Union 286, Great Falls, Montana passed the CHRISTIE RESOLUTION
  17. Local 936, Portage Wi., passed the Christie (all three parts) 12-8, and the beat goes on.
  18. Carpenters Local 152, Martinez, unanimously passed the Christie Resolution
  19. Rochester Carpenters Local 85 Passed the Christie Resolution unanimously on June 12th

Official Copies of the Christie Resolution on Local 34's letterhead with the Local's official seal imprinted upon it may be
obtained by contacting;

Local Union 34
Hegenberger Place
Oakland, Ca. 94621-1301
Phone: (510)635-4227
Pile Drivers Fax (510)635-1234 55 

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