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Is your Pension Fund Losing Money


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CARPENTERS PENSION TRUST has lost 150 Million dollars in bad stock investments, and the Buffalo Pension Plan cannot pay benefits to their pensioners. The Detroit Pension is also a problem.

Ask your Pension officials the following:

Is you Pension still there:

How much money has your PENSION FUND lost in slimy and speculative stock deals put together by corrupt advisors.

We should be calling the SEC and the FBI for an investigation. We should also ask John Ashcroft to get involved.

He can be reached at 202-514-2000, Fax # 202-307-6777.
Address is:
Tenth St. & Constitution Ave. #400,
Washington D.C. 20530.

This is imperative. We cannot afford to lose our retirement benefits.

There will be specific information on company names and exact amounts that have lost money, posted on UNIONPLAINFACTS.

our email address is


Diane Feinstein always received contributions from the members of the carpenters union.

 What is she going to do now to the help the members?

Diane Feinstein is part of the problem!

She MUST become part of the solution!

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Horacio Grana is a retired member of the Carpenters Local Union 1506 in Los Angeles. If you wish to write to him, please address all letters to:
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or E-Mail him at:
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