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In a Report given out at the last General Convention, the amount paid for death benefits in a six month period was $2.6 Million.

Looking closer into this I have noticed that the Carpenter Propaganda Magazine that comes out every two months, there are always three pages of obituaries. It never varies it is always three pages.

Now, do that many people die in two months? Are these people real? In other words if I went to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, will these folks death certificates be there?

I don't mean to be morbid. I'm just curious and have been following this since I received this financial report from the convention.

Anybody out there know anything, please let me know.

For you New Yorkers I hope that Judge Haight will give you justice. Hopefully Dianne Feintstein and Edward Kennedy (McCarron's adopted Parents) won't have any hand in this.

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