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Protesting Wal-Mart


by WSAZ News Channel 3

 West Virginia's largest employer had some unwanted customers Wednesday morning, a group of protesters in front of the Wal-Mart on Corridor G.
 It was a group of union representatives from around our region. They claim the majority of contractors used by Wal-Mart are out-of-state and non-union.
 The ten protesters gathered in front of Wal-Mart's doors handing out informational fliers, explaining Wal-Mart's hiring practices and expressing their anger.
 Union member, Wayne Rebich, says Wal-Mart is not being fair.
Wayne Rebich of Carpenters Local 1911 says, "When a company has profits in excess of a billion dollars a quarter, you'd think they would act responsibly to the community that they're building by employing local contractors. The protesters say it's not just the Wal-Mart in South Charleston, but branches all across the state have similar hiring practices. They may picket those stores in the future.
 As of Wednesday, the management of the Wal-Mart had not comment. Wal-Mart called police to break up the information line.

Here's my response to the article:
 Instead of protesting against Wal-Mart, why don't the members protest against the REAL enemy, UBC General President Douglas McCarron, who along with Financial Advisor of the Southern California Pension Trust, Richard Blum, have invested over $4 Million into Wal-Mart Stock!

McCarron is not only the General President of the UBC, but also the Chairman of the Pension Trust for Southern California. And Blum makes an annual salary of $4 Million. How 'bout them apples. They need to fight off the real problem, Douglas McCarron, not Wal-Mart. A hog doesn't get fat on its own, it takes someone to feed it, and that someone is Douglas McCarron, who is using our money to invest in non-Union companies in Wal-Mart!!

There are nearly 50 Wal-Mart stores that have been built in the Southern California area, costing nearly $10 million each, which makes that about half a billion dollars in construction projects. All of those WalMart stores were built by non-Union contractors. Where was Douglas McCarron during these projects. Why didn't he initiate a major strike against the construction of these stores without Union members?! Was he too busy trying to protect his interest in the company's stock?! Do Diane Feinstein's and Richard Blum's influence prevent McCarron from doing his job of representing the workers?!

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