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It Is Important That Members Realize Why We Write About Douglas Mccarron
And Why We Denounce His Actions.
Here Are Some Of The Things That Are Under His Control:

The merging of locals is so he can have complete control. He takes away total autonomy from the members. 

No one person that has any type of authority within the District Councils are voted for by the members, they are appointed by him and are paid astronomically high salaries so the can't say no to him. 

Why did McCarron accuse Fred Devine of giving out a 13th check to the retirees is New York, so he can buy their vote and support. So, why is McCarron handing out the 13th check to the retirees in So. California??? Could it be that he is doing the same thing??? Is it so no one questions the Pension increases given to the management?? 

Why does McCarron speak of the gains in the So. California Pension but yet not tell the members that they have poured $23 million into a company that has been losing money for the last 5 years. Perini had a loss of $6.38 per share in 1995 and an even deeper loss of $15.13 in 1996, which is when Tutor,Blum and McCarron decided to plunge the $23 million from the So. California Pension Fund of which there was a 50% loss. Why does the Fund keep pouring money into 3 hotels that keep going down in value. 

Why does McCarron keep merging locals? Why is he selling the District Council building in New York? Did he sell the buildings 500 and 520 So. Virgil in Los Angeles, they were up for sale in 1992? Were these buildings transferred or sold? 

Why does McCarron accuse Fred Devine of spending the funds money for personal trips it he comes to his home in Southern California almost every weekend? 

In an article in Business Week magazine, McCarron says that union positions are not positions for life. Then why is he in power since 1975? 
McCarron likes to increase the salaries of the management and of the people who write propaganda in the Carpenters Magazine. Why do they always bad mouth Republican politicians, does he think that every union member is a Democrat??


Is McCarron collecting $50.00 for every 1506 meeting even though he has not showed up since November. Members say that he is marked present at every meeting. If it is true that he does this we will be told by looking at the LM-2 Report for 1998/1999.

Compare The Salaries In 1996 And The Ones Below Which Are From 1998. Make Your Own Conclusions.....Are These The Salaries Of Labor Leaders Or Of Senators And Congressmen Or Maybe The Governor Of California???????
James Bernsen Criticized The Fact That Pete Wilson Made $139,000 A Year. First Of All Pete Wilson Was Voted In By The Citizens Of California. Second, Pete Wilson Will Not Get A Double Pension As The Following People Will. Bernsen Was Appointed By Doug Mccarron Not Elected By The Members



James Bernsen  Secretary Treas 



Is the reason James Bernsen receives such a high salary is so Doug's brother Mike can be paid at this rate when he is appointed president of the District Council? What warrants Bernsen's salary increase of $60,000 in two years, when all he does besides agitating the members with his political lies and propaganda about Republican politicians in the Carpenters Magazine is check out the horse racing results at his desk. I wonder how many times James Bernsen has had a hammer in his hand? Does he even know how to handle a hammer? Has Bernsen ever worked as a carpenter?? Has he worn the tools of the trade?? How does Bernsen know what the members needs are? These are the people that Douglas $McCarron has put in place to represent the members!!!



Jackie Barnett Executive Board

$ 77,527

$ 90,429

Floyd Clay Exec. Board

$ 82,380


James A. Flores Exec. Board

$ 82,953

$ 89,842

Herb Friedenthal Exec. Board 

$ 35,659

$ 80,950

Marc Furman Exec. Board

$ 74,140


Frank Gurule Exec. Board 

$ 90,919 

$ 95,577

Michael W.McCarron Exec. Board 

$ 85,540


Last but not least, the following Business Rep. must be given mention.

Rober Sheets  Business Rep $104,332 $163,113

WOW!!!! An increase of $60,000, Bob Sheets must really work hard for the members, he should show us all the charges he has filed on behalf of members. When he gets time represent the members, is still a mystery as he is always locked in his office doing accounting work! When will the DOL do some investigating as to why Bob Sheets gets paid as a Business Rep., when what he actually does is run the accounting office for the District Council.





On 4/13/99 New York District Attorney Morganthau, US Ass't Attorney Mary Jo White and Chief Investigator of NY ERISA/DOL Jonathan Brown showed up at the NYDC with subpoena's demanding the records of Union Labor Life, Zenith Administrators and the complete financial records of the New York District Council from 1995 to present!

Sources report that Government Investigators will be at the NYDC for several weeks collecting evidence, and that this is the largest active investigation going on with the DOL and The DOJ $McCarron and Conboy won't be able to pass the buck to anyone else this time.


This Is Mccarron's Pension History. Why Is He So Privileged To Be Vested After 5 Years. This Document Is At Least 5 Years Old So He's Been Vested For 5 Years For A Long Time. As You Can See In Those Five Years He Never Had A Full Years Credit. Did He Maybe Work Cash The Rest Of The Time????? Why Do Members And Business Agents Have To Wait 10 Years To Become Vested????



Blum ( Sen Diane Feinsteins Husband), Ron Tutor


Two years after its financial rescue, Perini Corp.'s stock has been one of the weakest performers in the industry, losing about 45% of its value during 1998. Perini's construction operations churned out profit with improved efficiency last year. But the company remains weighted down by $80 million in debt. Wall Street investors, never overly fond of construction stocks, have not cut Perini any slack.

     "They have a heavily leveraged balance sheet and we probably stayed in longer than we should have," says one mutual fund manager who sold his Perini shares last year.

     Two years ago, shares of Perini traded for roughly $8 and in early 1998 they hit $11.25. But the bull market subsequently ran past Perini (AMEX-PCR) and its shares closed recently at $5.12---about half of its book value.

     On March 15, the company reported $11.7 million in 1998 net income, up from $5.4 million in 1997, on $1.035 billion in revenue. Perini says huge interest payments on long-term debt, cut to $80 million from $125 million, limit earnings. "If we continue to do what we've been doing, and our people have been outstanding, we will be fine," says Ronald N. Tutor, co-chief executive.

     The key investors that saved Perini two years ago are sticking with the contractor. In November 1996, one of the sharpest investment advisors on Wall Street, Richard C. Blum, plunged $27 million of union workers' funds into Perini Corp. The money came from the Carpenters Pension Trust for Southern California and the Union Labor Life Insurance Co., which invests money in support of union companies. Along with another $3 million from Tutor, a Perini joint-venture partner, the funds saved the Framingham, Mass.-based contractor from financial disaster.

      David Perini remains as chairman and co-ceo but Tutor oversees construction. Tutor is also co-chairman of the Southern California Carpenters pension fund. (Former ENR Editor-in-Chief Arthur J. Fox Jr. is a Perini director.) David Perini believes that the shares are undervalued and says because the stock is thinly traded, small trades can dramatically change its closing price.

     One remaining issue in Perini's future is the final resolution of the troublesome Rincon Center mixed-use real estate project in San Francisco. David Perini says that when Rincon's restructuring is completed the project will no longer be a cash drain. "Once that's done it's basically clear sailing" on Perini's remaining real estate, he adds.

     Another question in Perini's future is who will be named chief executive, filling the post vacated in January by Roger Ludlam, who joined Morrison Knudsen after a year in Perini's top job. Tutor says that the next Perini chief executive will be chosen from the company's managers.
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What happened to the 200 million dollars that they reported that was made in 1998
What happened to the 200 million dollars that they reported that was made in 1998  


Did you know that if you become disabled for whatever reason while working in "Covered Employment" (a union job), you can get pension credit.(See page 5 of the pension book)

If you do not have it call the Pension trust at (310) 739-9300. Make sure you have this book!!!


Check out our new section "UNION MEMBERS BOOKLET" ON THIS SITE.


New York Daily News Article            2/15/99
Bad Times for Union
Questions on reform Written by Tom Robbins 

New York Daily News February 8, 1999, article by Tom Robbins

Feds Launch probe of Carpenter Fund!!!!!

THE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT of labor has opened an inquiry into the handling of carpenters union benefit funds, according to government and union sources.
The inquiry comes after union officials awarded the management of the New York Carpenters District Council's $1.7 billion fund to Chicago based Zenith Administrator.
Zenith's selection came as fund trustees voted to charge retired carpenters up to $180 a month for benefits, saying they needed the money to stay afloat. Many members protested that the fund was healthy and told federal officials they suspected political moves to force retirees to drop their membership.
Labor Department investigators visited the union's Hudson St. offices last month, collecting records on Zenith's selection.
The inquiry comes as a group of rank-and-file carpenters is planning a protest tomorrow, at Federal Court in Manhattan against the continued receivership of the District Council. National carpenters chief Douglas McCarron took over the council two years ago, citing corruption. Union officials didn't return calls.

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