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Rumors say that the Carpenters District Council Building on 6th Street and Virgil Avenue has been sold and a new building has been purchased in Downtown Los Angeles on Figueroa Street.

The Building occupied by the Local 309 in Santa Anita has supposedly been sold as well.

Who approved these negotiations? Did Doug McCarron ask for the members' approval?!

Are you aware of how many properties McCarron owns as of 1989? He owns over FIVE properties in Southern California that are held in Trust Funds. How can he?!! Are you aware that he makes over $200,000 annually as General President of the Carpenters?!! Not even the President of the United States makes as much as McCarron!!

Last month, I wrote to the Carpenters Union Pension Administrator, Ronald Schoen, and asked him whether or not the building that is occupied by the Los Angeles District Council of Carpenters was sold. He stated that it was not, but I soon discovered at the office of the Assessor of the County of Los Angeles, that the building had changed Trusteeships. The officer representing that holding company is Morgan McPherson. Morgan McPherson works in the District Council, but AS WHAT?!! What position does he hold? What does he get paid for and by whom?!! Isn't it Morgan McPherson who also represents subway contractor RONALD TUTOR?!!!

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Horacio Grana was a retired member of the Carpenters Local Union 1506 in Los Angeles.

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