Douglas J. McCarron

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Douglas "CEO" McCarron

C - Contributor (To politicians and judges-with members' money).

E - Executioner (of the rank and file)

O - Obstructer (liar)

Changing Of The Guard

Could it be true that James k. Bernsen, the secretary treasurer of the southern California district council of carpenters, is retiring come the new year? Could it also be true that Douglas McCarron is ready to appoint his brother, Michael McCarron, to secretary-treasurer (just like he appointed him to be the president of the district council when he became general president)?!

The Mergers Continue

There is speculation that carpenters local 309 (el Monte, California) will be merged (by none other than the dictator Douglas McCarron) with local 409 (Los Angeles)! How much more control does McCarron want over the members?! Where will this power hunger end?!

I Do Hereby Pledge????


"No member may hold more than one office or be a candidate for more than one office in a regular election, in the same subordinate body, unless dispensation to combine two or more offices is or has been granted by the General President."

Why didn't Douglas McCarron resign from his position as secretary-treasurer of the southern California district council of carpenters when he ran for general president? Did then-president Siguard Lucassen grant McCarron that special privilege? Why weren't the members informed of the granting of that special privilege?!


Why did the carpenters union end the scholarship drive for members' kids? Doesn't the carpenters support education, like the politicians whom they contribute millions of dollars annually to like to claim? My son won a scholarship from the carpenters union two years ago, and it was very disappointing to see the carpenters let down our kids' college hopes! Thank you Mr. Mccarron. Please find other ways to break down our jobs, pension, and even our kids' futures!!



Carpenters local 1506's membership is composed of a large number of Hispanics, so why don't they have any Hispanic business agents?

The only Hispanic organizer 1506 had, transferred to another union. I wonder why?!

There are only two Hispanics on the executive board of the district council, and these two were union leaders before McCarron was. One of them is one of McCarrons "yes men", whose son was given a position as president of his local union. His son was never involved in union work or used the tools of the trade, nor has he been seen in any of the union movements.

Why has McCarron punished some business agents by removing them from their position for having substance abuse problems, yet he has kept others with the same problem aboard, just like his ex-assistant's son, who has had nothing but problems such as car accidents from drunk driving. This individual is now working in Las Vegas. What about this ex-assistant's other son who attacked a business agent in front of members assisting a meeting. He had no choice but to get rid of him. There were even witnesses!! These are the consequences McCarron brings to the carpenters union


No wonder the membership has dropped from 45,000 to 11,000 since McCarron came to power of the office of secretary treasurer of the southern California district council. These are the consequences of appointments of positions, rather than democratic elections.

Why is his little brother the president of the district council when there are others with much more experience, seniority and are much more capable of handling that position? There are plenty of BA's that would like to say all that I’m stating on this site, but they have their positions and salaries to worry about! Maybe Douglas McCarron should take the same cynical advice that he tells BA’s before he fires them and take a vacation!

How many African Americans are there on the executive board? Zero!!!! Why is this, Mr. Mccarron????

One of the things McCarron has done is created a new union, and put a Hispanic business agent that he despised to run it, hoping that it would fail financially, so that he could then fire the business agent. This plan backfired on McCarron and this union is doing quite well under the leadership of this ba. These are his tactics for taking over unions. He states that they are a financial burden and he merges them so that he can have total control of the union.

Why did McCarron demote one of the executive board members/administrative assistant, yet on the 5500 report (tax filing) it states that this individual has resigned voluntarily.

why has another Hispanic business agent transferred to three different local unions?! Why haven't they given him the opportunity to move up in the rankings?!

He also fired Lloyd Duronslet, an African American special representative of the district council, in march of 1987. Why did he fire him? Does he not believe in affirmative action. What kind of a democrat is he???

He also fired another minority business agent for speaking against a female that was very chummy with him and a few of McCarran’s cronies. She and two union representatives attended a boxing match in palm springs (they were all seen on HBO). There was a big argument at the match because one of the business representatives was drunk and acting very obnoxious. You could see on TV that something was going on.

In my case, I applied to be an organizer because I had a good reputation as a shop steward, never missed a union meeting or a precinct walk, etc....I was dedicated and believed in the union. Mccarron sent me a letter saying i should be inducted in the mvp of the union, yet this position was given to an ex-partner and longtime friend of his. This buddy of his had a bad union history-he worked cash and worked non union, he never attended any meetings or precinct walks, and he and his wife had an obvious drinking problem.

The next time there was a position open, they did not publish it, and McCarron automatically gave it to a family member of a business agent of local 1506. The guy they hired had also worked non-union and was one of the organizers of the illegal mercenaries that went to non-union job sites, where they destroyed the sites, harassed workers, and stole tools. He was also honored by Frank Gurule and given a plaque at an event held by LACLA (Los Angeles council of Latino activists).




Douglas "CEO" McCarron is an opportunist with no capacity of doing anything on his own. He is insecure and requires constant recognition and power in order to feed his immense ego. He is all that represents poor leadership within a labor organization. "CEO" McCarron uses the members' money to influence political figures for his own personal needs and once again, to feed his enormous ego. He is one that cannot accomplish anything on his own, without the backing of the Union's money, and the authority of being General President of the Carpenters Union. Here is a perfect example of his inability to accomplish anything on his own:


Years ago, back when Paul Miller was on the Executive Board of the Carpenters Union in Southern California, the Board loaned approximately $100 million of Pension Fund money to several large construction contractors for building projects; an illegal act. It was a nobody CAT Guy who filed a suit against the Board and forced the members to resign: Douglas J. McCarron. McCarron took the credit for the discovery of the infractions of the Board and, a couple of years later, appearing as the savior of the Carpenters Union, was elected to Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles District Council of Carpenters. Was it really McCarron that was responsible for the discovery of such information, or was he just a YES man that was used as a pawn to execute the orders of the top Union officials? How much of the $100 million was recovered?


"CEO" McCarron buys off politicians, like Senator Dianne Feinstein (wife of Pension Advisor Richard Blum) with the members' money. He has sold off the Union to tyrants such as Los Angeles subway builder Ronald Tutor, and multi-millionaire Pension Advisor Richard Blum. He has made a mockery of democracy by taking over Local 42-L and the New York District Council. Might I add that he used 50 armed guards to overrun the New York Council in the middle of the night! Did "CEO" McCarron buy off the judge in the case of the 42-L vs. "CEO" McCarron? The 42-L had a sure shot of winning the case, and somehow, the judge sided with "CEO" McCarron. Could this have been another one of "CEO" McCarron's payoffs? On an occasion in which "CEO" McCarron was determining as to who he would appoint as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles District Council, a member of the Executive Board spoke up and suggested that the Board members elect who would hold the position. McCarron silenced that member, using expletives, and proceeded with the appointment of James Bernsen to the position.


"CEO" McCarron's prestige and power was obtained through pure opportunism and absolutely no effort. From his high school days, according to old classmates of his, to the present day, "CEO" McCarron has always been and will continue to be a backstabbing opportunist who takes credit for other people's hard work!!

Douglas J. McCarron is the General President of the Carpenters Union. McCarron claims that he wants to clean up the Union of organized crime in New York. What about the abuses that he has committed in Southern California against rank and file members, the Carpenters Pension, and several local unions. This has all cost the Carpenters millions of dollars? This is like the fox watching the henhouse! He also states that a job in the Union is not meant to be a job for life. Why has McCarron has been a high ranking leader in the Union since 1975 if he believes in this philosophy? How long did he work using Carpenters tools. He fails to mention that he worked cash most of the time. He is the most anti-Union individual around. He also allows the Pension Advisors to invest money in non-Union companies, such as Wal-Mart. McCarron is a traitor to the Union!


Doug McCarron stated in an interview by Business week Magazine that the Union is not a lifetime position. Then, what is he doing in a leadership position for more than 15 years? Who are the ones that vote for him besides all his YES MEN?








Membership has dropped in Southern California from 45,000 members to 11,000 members from 1986 to the present day!


McCarron hired illegal alien mercenaries from Mexico to destroy non-Union job sites. These mercenaries were paid with Union money, they were given work preference over members when it came to jobs. To top it all off, a lawsuit was filed by one of the non-Union contractors, and $4 million was paid by the Union in a confidential enforcement agreement.


"IMMIGRATION STATUS OF DRYWALL WORKERS PROBED: Border patrol expands its inquiry after finding hundreds employed illegally." -Los Angeles Times, March, 16, 1994

This was all brought about by McCarron!


McCarron spends our money paying lawsuits for committing illegal acts. How many long-term members were active in these strikes? ZERO!




This is the series of correspondence between the Union's counsel, John T. DeCarlo, and myself. I was inquiring about a $6.5 million loan taken out by the Union, which I suspect was used to pay off the lawsuit that was initiated by the non-Union contractors. I have proof that the San Diego Training Center was constructed in 1986, and that the Sylmar Training Center was constructed in 1991. Do we pay these attorneys' salaries so that they can lie to us?


McCarron8.JPG (97233 bytes)


McCarron9.JPG (102610 bytes)


mcCarron10.JPG (76668 bytes)




This is the lawsuit filed against the Carpenters for using illegal alien mercenaries to destroy job sites. The defendants listed are the mercenaries that were hired to create all of this chaos, which was eventually paid for by the members. McCarron was behind the entire operation!


mcCarron12.JPG (137088 bytes)


mcCarron11.JPG (155701 bytes)



These are the lies that the Union prints so that the members won't know about the millions of dollars that were spent to settle the lawsuit! The Federal judge did not dismiss the RICO charges against the Union, only against the non-Union mercenaries. These articles are meant to mislead the members. Why do the Union attorneys want us to believe this? Why are we paying them over half million dollars a year?!


mcCarron13.JPG (213918 bytes)



Immediately after becoming General President of the Carpenters Union, McCarron appointed his little brother, Michael William McCarron, to the position of President of the Southern California District Council of Carpenters. Coincidentally, Michael moved from $172,000 home to a $450,000 home. The Executive Board had no choice but to elect Michael McCarron to the position of President of the District Council. Otherwise, they could lose their high paying salaries and their fringe benefits. Don't forget that Douglas McCarron merged all the Local Unions and he has everything under his control. He also has the power to change the constitution in his favor, which he did in 1992, after being elected General President. The last thing McCarron believes in is Democracy. He believes in dictatorship!


McCarron's good friend, Pascal McGuiness, was caught for involvement in Organized Crime in 1994. The Carpenters Union was fined $450,000 by the Department of Labor-RICO (Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act) and expelled from the Union. He was appointed by McCarron as the Secretary Treasurer of the Building Trades.

mcCarron14.JPG (134861 bytes)



Is this how McCarron combats Organized Crime, by giving tributes to corrupt Union leaders, and collecting thousands of dollars with them? How much of this money went to pay off the $450,000 fine that Pascal McGuiness's Local Union was fined after he was caught for involvement in Organized Crime?!

mccarron15.JPG (108454 bytes)


Is this how McCarron is ridding the New York Locals of Organized Crime, by paying a tribute to a former Local Union President that was fired for being involved in Organized Crime? He cost his Local a $450,000 fine. McCarron later appointed him to be the Secretary-Treasurer of the Building Trades.


mccarron16.JPG (92704 bytes)


mccarron17.JPG (58409 bytes)


McCarron was sued by his secretary, Barbara Botos, for sexually harassing her. The Union had to pay her $90,000 for McCarron's abusive behavior.

mcCarron18.JPG (86278 bytes)



McCarron runs the Carpenters Pension through his crony, Ronald Schoen, who ignores the Pension rights of the worker, and because of his abuse of power, the Carpenters had to pay off a $200,000 lawsuit for harassing and discriminating a worker of the Pension Administration. Schoen is the Executive Administrator of the Pension and Health Welfare. Schoen loathes the Union and anything that has to do with the Union, despite being a member of the Carpenters Local 409. I tried to file a grievance against Schoen a few years back for harassing me on the job, and my Local's (1506) President, Robert Milewsky wrote me a letter stating that he could not file a grievance upon orders from Douglas McCarron. Once again, I was left here asking: Where is the Democracy?!

mcCarron19.JPG (102308 bytes)



There are little or no opportunities given to workers so that they may become Labor Leaders within the Union. Those positions are given to superintendents of large construction companies and to non-Union contractors! The best examples are Charles Bloodworth, business agent of the 42L and former non-Union contractor, and Larry O'Brien, of the Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee, who was the superintendent of a large construction company and seems to be absent of all Union activities that we the members always take part in. David Young, Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee was a New York Garment Union business agent. How can a garment Union Business Agent represent the needs of Carpenters? He and the other two individuals were brought aboard by McCarron. This is the type of leadership that is promoted by McCarron!

Why did Douglas McCarron fire 42-L Financial Secretary Larry Reyes if he was voted by the members of that Union? Why doesn't McCarron respect democracy and the constitution of the Union?

McCarron21.JPG (144033 bytes)



McCarron never attended apprenticeship school, as all journeymen should. As General President of the Carpenters Union, McCarron merged all of the local Unions so that he could retain total control of the Unions under one power.

Who pays for the weekly trips that McCarron makes from Washington DC to Agoura Hills, California? Is it the Carpenters that flip the bill for him?!!

The Workers don't need unscrupulous tyrants like McCarron to represent them!!

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