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McCarron Operates Like Robin Hood in Reverse




Douglas McCarron will be attending this Friday’s local 1506 (Los Angeles) meeting, where he'll talk about the great victories of the democratic party, and all of the work that the union members put into campaigns, such as that of California governor-elect gray Davis, who as state controller gave McCarrons wife, Norma, a positions as a probate referee in Ventura county, California. Davis was given nearly $700,000 by the carpenters union without the approval of the members; just with McCarrons decision. That's not all-there were millions and millions of dollars contributed to other campaigns all across the nation-all at McCarrons discretion!

Why doesn't McCarron donate part of his quarter million dollar a year salary to these campaigns. After all, you don't see these contributions benefiting anyone but mccarron. Maybe he can give up part of his stocks that he owns as board member of the perini construction corporation (i always wonder how he can represent workers and a construction corporation at the same time). And while we're on the subject of finances, where's all the money that was collected in the dollars against diabetes drive? Where did that all end up going to? We'd like an answer from you, Mr. Mccarron, not your big money attorney (that is paid with union member money), john t. Decarlo!!!




CEO McCarron's large contributions to politicians bring absolutely nothing to the workers, unlike he and his cronies like to try to convince the workers of. Just how many jobs can large contributions to Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti, or U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein bring?

Can it be possible that McCarron is guilty of buying off the justice system? Why have a lot of court decisions been in McCarron's favor, despite the fact that there has been an overwhelming amount of evidence in the other party's favor. A perfect example is the case of Local 42L. Local 42L had the case in their favor, and yet the presiding judge ruled in McCarron's favor!

My case against the Carpenters Pension is another example of this injustice. I was to attend a hearing on March 30th of this year for my case, in which I was claiming my disability pension. Two weeks before the hearing, my lawyer, Marc V. Kalagian of the Law Offices of Lawrence D. Rohlfing in Santa Fe Springs, California, resigned from my case. Mr. Kalagian did not send me my case file until March 28th; TWO DAYS BEFORE MY HEARING! Upon looking at the file, I noticed that the presiding judge over the case was Mariana Pfaelzer.

Mariana Pfaelzer was the judge that blocked Califonia Proposition 187 after the 1994 elections. I strongly disagreed with her actions and wrote the judge a non-threatening letter, including my name, address, and telephone number. Two days later, two United States Marshals appeared at my front door and intimidated me. I had every right to write the judge the letter, but because of the judge's egoism, she felt it necessary to use Gestapo tactics to intimidate a citizen that did not agree with her decision to block the Proposition. I later filed a grievance with the Ninth Circuit Court, which was dismissed (of course). The whole incident was reported in several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, on the radio, and I even organized a demonstration in front of the the Federal Courthouse, where Pfaelzer has her office. It would have been impossible for the judge to not remember me.

It was up to the judge to mention the fact that she was in conflict of her judgement by presiding over my case. My attorney should have also mentioned this point, but since he decided to resign, that was not possible. Could this have been a tactic of the Carpenters Union. I went to a paralegal service and filed an extension on my case, which I had to present to the judge on the day of the hearing. I might add that Judge Pfaelzer was very rude, and she even had the audacity to ask me if I was expecting a large sum of money from the Carpenters Pension. The judge did not keep into context that all I was claiming my disability pension, NOT A LARGE SUM OF MONEY!! I have the transcripts that state the judge's comments. I was very fortunate to get an extension on my hearing, and my court case continues.

Could this be part of an ongoing trend of McCarron to buy off the justice system?!!



"Also giving [Gray] Davis a $500,000 check in October was the Southern California Carpenters' union."
-Los Angeles Times, October 24, 1998

Why does Douglas McCarron use OUR MONEY to for political contributions that benefit him and his family. Gray Davis already gave McCarron's wife a position as a Probate Referee in Ventura County, California after receiving contributions for his campaign for Lieutenant Governor and State Controller. Now that Davis is the Governor of California, I guess McCarron's entire family can have government jobs-his kids, mother, brother-in-law...

McCarron should think about donating one of his FIVE PROPERTIES in Agoura Hills, California to politicians, NOT OUR MONEY!!!




Always keep in mind that Doug McCarron is who dictates everything that is done and decides within the Unions and District Councils. He is the responsible party for all that goes on and the penalties that the Carpenters Union must pay! Furthermore, these penalties are paid with Union Workers money. We're referring to all "CLIC" contributions. Here is the violation:

The LADC collected approximately $60,000 in contributions for "CLIC", but did not forward these funds to "CLIC". Therefore, "CLIC" did not receive the funds collected on its behalf. Instead the LADC retained these contributions in its general fund. These contributions were collected by the LADC from its employees by means of a voluntary employee payroll deduction plan. On or about Septembr 3, 1991, between 78 and 81 employess of LADC retroactively rescinded their payroll deductions for CLIC, and authorized LADC to contribute their future payroll deductions and their previously deducted contributions for CLIC to the UBC General President's re-election fund ("the President's committee"), a separate, non-federal, fund. Pursuant to these directions,on September 26, 1991, LADC paid $50,000, comprised of the previously collected CLIC funds, to the President's Committee. At that time, Mike Magallanes was the Vice President of Local 1506, and he along with the Business Agents of the 1506 were going with a CLIC form and asking the rank and file to sign the form as if though they were giving a one dollar donation.

They would tell the members that they did not have a the need to actually give the one dollar.

How can McCarron accuse people like Fred Devine, a New York Union leader, of using private jets for his trips to Miami, when McCarron commits illegalities like the above mentioned? Infact, it is rumored that he uses Ron Tutor's (Los Angeles Subway Contractor) private jet (license number N304TS and referred to as Tango Sierra), which is parked in a JetWest hangar in the Van Nuys (California) airport. Quite a nice plane, I may add; the cockpit console is made out of mother-of-pearl.





Orange County Congressional candidate Bob Dornan is accused of being anti-union by the Union Corporation Leaders. If anything, he is pro-worker. I asked Mr. Dornan to represent me by writing a letter to the Labor Department, who are also in cahoots with the Union. Getting a straight answer out of them is like pulling teeth. Mr. Dornan was nice enough to write this letter on my behalf, even though I am not in his district, since the congressman in my district at that time Mr. Anthony Beilensen, would not do it. But of course he wouldn't write the letter, since he received political contributions from the Union, just as Mr. Brad Sherman, the current Congressman in my district, has received $5000.00 from the Carpenters Union. Why would he even dare say something against the Union? I approached him two months ago, asking him to represent me, and his answer was that he worked for the Federal Government and that I had to go to the Labor Department. He said this in front of a large group of people including his own employees.

Bob Dornan defends the democracy of the country and of all working men and women, and he has been commended for his fight against communism. The strange part about this whole thing is that the Financial Advisor to the Carpenters Union Pension Trust, the same Carpenters Union that criticizes Mr. Dornan, Richard C. Blum (Senator Dianne Feinstein's husband), invests money in Communist China. Rumor has it he has invested $17million of the Pension's money into Communist Chinese companies. What many members find interesting is a recent visit of a so called delegation of trade unions from China that came to visit the United States. They visited one of McCarron's YES MEN, Floyd Clay, the Sr. Administrative Assistant and long term leader of Local 630 in Long Beach. Long Beach is where COSCO, a Communist Chinese shipping company, is located. What a coincidence!!!!!!

Going back to Bob Dornan, the Carpenters Union has given contributions to his oponent, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and has demanded from the workers that they go on precinct walks to register people to vote. They claim that will bring good things to the Union. All she's done is fight the accusations that she won the election by getting votes from people who are non-citizens! Most of these people were registered by Hermandad Mexicana, a Mexican American Political Organization, and the Carpenters Union. One of the Union attorneys, Jerry Selvo, did not want to give information because he claimed the investigation was unconstitutional and could not divulge who were the persons registered by the Union. At least 40% of the members in the Carpenters Union are NON-CITIZENS. Also keep in mind that Hermandad Mexicana are the ones who helped Doug McCarron organize the striking drywallers that destroyed non-Union jobsites in San Diego in 1992. Many of them were illegal mercenaries from Mexico. The Union had to pay a high price settling a lawsuit with the non-Union contractors in San Diego and Orange Counties for all the damages caused. This lawsuit did not come cheap either. I've asked the Carpenters attorneys how much they settled for, but they refused to tell me.





Carpenters Union General President Douglas McCarron uses the workers' money for political contributions to boost his political influence for personal reasons. McCarron has donated large sums of money to Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and District Attorney Gil Garcetti to abuse small non-Union companies, like Ande Construction, and enforce them to pay Prevailing Wage salaries to non-journeymen, illegal alien workers. The Carpenter magazine claimed that the owners of Ande Construction were fined $200,000 and given jail time, when in reality, the owners were only fined $20,000 and given probation!



"The $50,000 donation was double Garcetti's next largest 1995 contributions-$25,000 apiece from Zenith and the Southern California District Council of Carpenters."
-Los Angeles Times, Thursday March 14, 1996











Why do James K. Bernsen, Secretary Treasurer and Editor in Chief of the Southern California Carpenters Magazine, and William Luddy, Executive Director of the Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee, try to mislead the members and readers of the Carpenter Magazine? In the Oct./Nov. 1998 issue, Vol. 34-No.10, they print an article stating that Ande was sentenced to one year in County Jail and was ordered to pay $100,000.00 for insurance fraud. They have targeted this contractor because they were not able to get him to be hit hard on the prevailing wage fraud charges. He did not get the jail time or the severe fines as was reported in one of the Carpenters magazine. What business of the Union is it to be targeting contractors for insurance fraud? Doesn't the Union commit insurance fraud when they send picketers to job sites that aren't covered by workers' compensation insurance, and yet they get a 1099 form from the Union?!!



Why are Gil Garcetti, Barry Gale and Ray Powers targeting non union contractors, when the sad part is that there are Union contractors that do the same thing? They need to target everyone across the board. We will be bringing you names of Union Contractors that are involved in insurance fraud.






McCarron has also contributed large sums of money to former California Lieutenant Governor and current Gubernatorial Candidate Gray Davis in order to get a position for his wife, Norma "Kathy" McCarron, as a probate referee in Ventura County, California. Large sums of money were also rolled out to California Gubernatorial Candidate Kathleen Brown in the 1994 campaign.

Learn How Doug "CEO" McCarron continues to use our money to make political CONTRIBUTIONS, WITHOUT MEMBERS APPROVAL. Here is an example:

Contributions to GRAY DAVIS (D) Running for Governor of the State of California: $125,000 from the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, $5,000 from the Gold Coast District Council of Carpenters in Camarillo.

Be informed of what is happening and inform others. Don't be apathetic. It's your MONEY. Check out our website everyday, we update it as new revelations are made about Richard Blum and Ronald Tutor's top employee, Doug "CEO" McCarron.








GENERAL PRESIDENT/ Carpenters and Joiners of America
Attended a coffee hosted by President Clinton



FINANCIAL ADVISOR/ Carpenters and Joiners of America, OWNER/ Blum and Associates
Attended a coffee hosted by President Clinton



Carpenters Joiners Union


PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates 1997-1998


To Democrats: $964,000 (95%)
To Republicans: $51,742 (5%)
Total: $1,015,742


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