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WHEREAS in unity there is strength; and

WHEREAS the necessary changes to strengthen the labor movement must at this time be made from within, including within the AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS it is widely reported that the Carpenters President Doug McCarron is now planning to take the Carpenters Union out of the AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS, this would threaten the unleashing of a bloody civil war of raiding and counter-raiding as well as hard feelings and increased conflict between the trades on the union jobs; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that this local goes on record as calling on General President McCarron to openly announce any plans he might have on this issue; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this local opposes the withdrawal of the
Carpenters from the AFL-CIO and calls on the union to immediately pay all back per capita tax; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this local calls for a new policy of fighting for the best wages and conditions possible for all carpenters, all building trades workers and all working people in general, rather than turn this union into "Carpenters, Inc." in a race to the bottom for all workers.

I urge other brothers and sisters to take up this resolution, or a similar one.

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Horacio Grana was a retired member of the Carpenters Local Union 1506 in Los Angeles.
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